Body Care

Sun, soaps, cosmetics and diet are four external factors that dehydrate skin. In this post I will talk about my favourite body products at the moment, that leave my skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing!


  • *Sol de Janeiro Bum bum cream (£18)-This is one of my favourite body products because it is extremely hydrating; due to the fact that bum bum cream is rich in coconut oil, acai and guaraná; which increases circulation. Also, the scent of this body lotion is so luxurious, it smells like the beach because it is such a tropical scent, which lasts!
  • *Caudalie the des vignes  Nourishing body lotion (£27)-My second favourite body lotion is the Caudalie The Des Vignes Nourishing body lotion because it is very moisturising and leaves my skin feeling and smelling beautiful! Also, this product has anti-wrinkle properties; due to the ingredient of polyphenols; therefore it not only hydrates your skin, but it also stops the ageing effect in the future.
  • Wow You Babe Butter (£18)-I bought this moisturiser a few weeks ago and I have fallen in love with it! It contains coffee butter, which is known for its firming benefits and can reduce the appearance of cellulite! After using this product, my legs feel so smooth and hydrated, plus this body lotion has a beautiful coconut scent!
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream skin protectant (£15)-I also like the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream because it is one of the most popular all-purpose balms at the moment; it is known for curing dry skin in eight hour! I love how thick this product is as it is very moisturising, however it is not as fast drying as the products above.


1.*Caudalie the des vignes body and hair nourishing oil (£18)-  Caudalie’s the des vignes body and hair nourishing oil is a summer must-have! This product contains shea butter; which is moisturising, grape-seed oil; nourishes and repairs the skin, and sesame oil; which softens the skin. I love how this oil has a non-greasy, drying effect and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth!

2. *REN Atlantic kelp and microalgae anti-fatigue toning body oil (£35)-I also like to use REN’s Atlantic kelp and microalgae anti-fatigue toning body oil because it is ideal for all skin types and leaves my skin feeling very moisturised. Moreover, this product contains red algae extract which tones and firms the skin; so not only does this body oil hydrate the skin it also improves the elasticity!


  • REN Atlantic kelp and magnesium salt anti-fatigue exfoliating body scrub (£28)-This body scrub is perfect for all skin types as it is gentle yet effective! It contains magnesium salt; which hydrates the skin, and Atlantic kelp extract; boosts skin’s vitality. I recommend this product because it leaves skin feeling smooth, silky and has a natural glow!
  • Caudalie Divine scrub (£22)-My second favourite body scrub is by Caudalie, (of course!?) because it is gentle and smells beautiful! This product contains brown sugar; which exfoliates the skin, and grape-seed oil; which nourishes the skin.
  • Wow You Vit-Sea Scrub (£17)–  I have also been enjoying using this body scrub because it smells so beautiful; it is the tropical scent, and is very effective at exfoliating dead skin; due to the Himalayan salt. Moreover, this product contains mango and pineapple, which are known for brightening the skin, making it look more radiant and leaving the skin feeling softer!
  • Lush Scrubee (£6.95)-I also recommend Lush’s Scrubee solid body scrub because not only does it exfoliate the skin; due to the natural ingredient of ground almonds, but it also hydrates the skin; as the product contains very moisturising natural ingredients, this includes: shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. I love the Scrubee in both Winter and Summer, however it can melt in hot temperatures; so I would recommend storing it somewhere cool.
  • Lush Rub Rub Rub (£10.75)- Rub Rub Rub is a great product for sensitive skin because it is very gentle; this is due to the fact that this body scrub contains mimosa absolute; which is calming,  and yet does not reduce the products effectiveness. Also, Rub Rub Rub is packaged in one of Lush’s black tubs, so you only need four more black tubs to recycle them in the store to receive a free fresh face mask!