As previously mentioned my favourite skincare brand is the French skincare company Caudalie; founded by husband and wife, Bertrand and Mathilde Thomas. One of the reasons why I love Caudalie so much is the brands ethos; it contains no harmful ingredients; like parabens, and is a cruelty-free brand. Also, Caudalie’s main ingredient is grape extract; including grape seeds, grape sap, grape-seed oil and grapevine stalk, all of  which are sourced from Bordeaux, France.

Continue reading if you’re interested in my excessive skin care routine!





Caudalie cleansing milk (£15)– This product is incredible, particularly for dehydrated skin. I use this product religiously every morning; as it is important to cleanse away any dead skin cells, which make up the skin barrier.

Caudalie moisturising toner (£15)- After cleansing it is vital to tone your skin; it is like washing your body with soap but not rinsing the product off! Toning clears pores and is particularly important if you have oily or acne-prone skin. I love the Caudalie moisturising toner because it leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean, yet hydrated.

Caudalie beauty elixir (12)-This product is a MUST have; it is described as a “elixir of youth” and is also extremely portable; it is perfect for using on the go and spraying throughout the day or even spraying when you are feeling stressed. The scent is beautiful and creates a feeling of serenity; it is like being at a spa! Also, this product is great for anti-ageing; as it smooths away fine lines and tightens pores.

Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum (£29)- Next, I use a serum; as serum are made with smaller molecules therefore they penetrate quicker into the skin; this is also why it is important to warm the product in your hands; to activate the product and then gently pat it onto your skin; to allow it to penetrate much faster. I love how hydrating this product is, making it ideal for both summer and winter.

Caudalie Vineactiv energising and smoothing eye cream (£27.50)-After using a serum, I use my ring finger to gently tap a small amount of eye cream around my eyes. I really like this eye cream by Caudalie because it is extremely hydrating and I can see the smoothing-effect it has had on my eyes!

Caudalie Anti-ageing face sun care SPF50 (£20)-Finally, I use a face sun cream; to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays. I ensure that the cream has both a high SPF and UVA protection. I have really enjoyed using this sun cream and  I am going to bring it in my travel bag, because it is very thick yet absorbs quickly into my skin; without making my skin appear greasy.





Caudalie make-up removing cleansing oil (£18)-As soon as I return home, the first thing I do is remove all evidence of the day! First I use the Caudalie make-up removing cleansing oil to remove my make-up. This product is easy to use; simply rub in circular motions on your face and was away with a cloth and warm water. I feel this product is very effective at removing all traces of make-up; particularly my water-proof mascara and it is very gentle on the skin.

Caudalie Instant foaming cleanser (£15)-Next, I either use the Caudalie cleansing milk, (mentioned above,) or the instant foaming cleanser, but I always make sure that I double cleanse; as it will remove any sun cream or make up residue, sweat, bacteria and old skin cells. I love the squeaky-clean feeling this product gives yet it doesn’t have a drying effect or leave my skin feeling too tight.

Caudalie moisturising toner (£15)- I then use a toner to ensure all make-up is completely removed and to make my skin feel clean and toned! I use the same toner as I used in the morning, because this Caudalie moisturising toner works very well with my skin- making it look more toned and minimising my pores!

Caudalie beauty elixir (12)- I am a little bit obsessed with the Caudalie beauty elixir so any chance of using it I will! I spray it three times on my neck and face and it leaves me ready to unwind for bed.

Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance serum (£46)- After I use the Caudalie radiance serum; which is proven to be effective at correcting dark spots and helps to even out skin tone. I also find it is a good product to use when I have blemishes, as it seems to make them disappear much quicker!

Caudalie Vineactiv energising and smoothing eye cream (£27.50)-I then use an eye cream and apply it quite thickly to allow it to absorb overnight. I have been using eye cream since I was twelve years old, (I know that’s really  young to be worrying about wrinkles!) and have become a bit obsessed with it, as I love the way it makes my eyes feel!

Caudalie Vinosource moisturising sorbet (£23)-To finish my routine I apply a thicker moisturiser; so that my skin can absorb it overnight. I particularly love this moisturiser because it smells beautiful and is extremely hydrating!



Caudalie deep cleansing exfoliator (£20)- Once a week I like to use an exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells and to prevent clogging of the pores; reducing the likelihood of acne and breakouts! I really enjoy using this exfoliator on my skin because it is very effective and makes my skin feel instantly much smoother and minimises my pores!

Caudalie instant detox mask (£22) I also like to do a face mask at least once a week. At the moment I am loving the Caudalie instant detox mask as it has a deep cleansing effect and tightens and minimises pores. However, this product has a calming effect on the skin due to the ingredient of lavender.

I know this may seem a bit too excessive; however I can see the benefits in my skin of using all these products! This post is not sponsored by Caudalie, these are my honest opinions of their products.



Everybody wants glossy, thick hair but what does it take to get this? I have tested out a range of products to see which ones help my hair look healthier.


Hair masks

LUSH Roots (£11.50)- This scalp treatment is ideal for those who have thin and fine hair, as there is three types of mint in this product, which stimulates the hair follicles and soothes dry, itchy scalps. Also, this product contains nettle absolute which gives the desired glossy hair effect. I love how Roots makes my hair feel soothed and it makes my hair feel thicker!

Lush H’suan Wen Hua (£9.95)- Lush’s H’suan Wen Hua is perfect for conditioning the hair to make it thicker, softer and nourished. The ingredients includes: bananas and free range eggs; which strengthens, avocados; which moisturises and cinnamon leaf; which boosts the circulations, to improve hair growth. I really like this product because it smells delicious and makes my hair feel more hydrated; without weighing it down!

Catwalk by Tigi Oatmeal and honey intense nourishing mask (£7.85)- This product is perfect to give all the desired effects wanted in our hair; it made my hair feel soft, smooth and full of shine! The mask contains acacia honey which strengthens hair follicles and causes hair to appear thicker.

Leave-in conditioners

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair healer leave-in conditioner (£5.99)- I have used this product for a year now and I absolutely love it! The combination of 5 oils; argan, coconut, tsubaki, abyssinian and macadamia helps restore hair and strengthen it!

Catwalk by Tigi Hairista Cream for split ends (£15.95)- This split end treatment is a perfect product for a leave-in conditioner as it makes my hair feel soft and hydrated and visibly reduces the appearance of split ends; therefore making your hair look healthier for longer!


Lush I love Juicy (£6.25)- I have used I Love Juicy on and off for a few months now and can honestly say this product is ideal for making hair look and smell fresh! I recommend this product for oily hair because of the mango, papaya, kiwi and pineapple jelly; which break down grease and makes oily hair appear much cleaner!

Lush Big (£6.95)- This contains hand harvested coarse sea salt, which gives hair a lift and more volume. Also, Big contains extra virgin coconut oil to moisturise hair and make it thicker. I love this product because it makes my hair’s natural waves look ‘beachy’ and the product smells lovely!

Lush Curly Wurly (£6.25)- Curly Wurly is one of my favourites because it contains coconut; which I love! Coconut is great for hair because it gives a deep condition; making hair much softer and thicker and gives curls a greater definition.


Lush American Cream (£5.75)- American cream is my favourite hair conditioner because it smells amazing; it is described as a strawberry milkshake scent and I couldn’t agree more! Moreover, the ingredients are very soothing and hydrating; this includes lavender oil and honey lanolin.

Lush Veganese (£5.25)- I really like this conditioner because it is lightweight and packed with lots of good ingredients; including lavender flower infusion, rosemary infusion and fresh organic lemon juice which is known to enhance shine and cleanses the hair thoroughly.





In the midst of this ongoing heatwave, it is important to think about our skincare regime.

The sun has a drying affect on our skin, so it is important to keep it moisturised, but without causing break outs due to excess oil. If you would like to find out some of the products I’ve found beneficial then read on!


I have tried and tested a range of products essential for this season:


*Caudalie Instant foaming cleanser (£15)- This product is ideal for removing all evidence of make up and sun cream lotion. The formula is smooth and easy to use; simply just rub it in your hands, apply to your face and add water to activate the product. This product is ideal for those who want a fuss-free cleanser; as it will leave your skin hydrated; due to Caudalie’s key ingredient of grape water.

*Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser (£26)- Liz Earle’s hot cloth cleanser is ideal for all skin types, due to the rich creamy consistency; which breaks down even the toughest make up, sun cream and removes daily grime. I love how this product leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean; as adding hot water also opens pores.


*REN Rosa Centifolia, 3 in 1 Cleansing water (£17)- This is a perfect no-fuss product; as it is a make-up remover, cleansing water and toner all in one! It is so gentle that it can be applied onto a cotton pad and used to remove eye make-up; without causing an irritation. I really like how this 3 in 1 cleansing water removes all evidence of the day and minimises my pores also.

*Lush Tea Tree Water (£9.50)- This toner is perfect for throwing in your bag and spritzing throughout the day. It contains tea tree which is known for it’s antibacterial properties; this therefore will reduce blemishes and keep skin clean and clear!


*Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet, (£23)- Caudalie’s Vinosoure Moisturising Sorbetis everything you need in a moisturiser; it is extremely hydrating yet light, so it doesn’t leave your skin feeling too greasy. Caudalie’s key ingredient of grape water makes this product very gentle and soothing on the skin.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich (£16)- This is an intensive moisturiser, ideal for dry skin; due to the key ingredient of Hyaluronic acid- which causes the skin to stay hydrated for up to 48 hours! It will leave your skin feeling extremely hydrated and soothed; which is perfect as the sun is known to have a drying affect.


*Caudalie Soleli Divin anti-ageing face suncream SPF 50 UVA (£20)- I have been using this product religiously since March! I love how thick and soothing it is yet it absorbs quickly; therefore it doesn’t leave greasy evidence. Being a red head with fair skin, I feel it is extremely important to protect my skin; so the fact that this product is SPF 50 ( however they also sell a SPF 30 sun cream) and is UVA protected, ensures my skin is safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Soltan once face advanced 8 hour protection suncare cream (£10)- Soltan once sun creamhas the highest UVA star rating of 5 stars and is SPF 30; therefore this product can prevent ageing and long-term skin damaged caused by the sun. Moreover, this product is ideal for children and those who prefer to swim rather than sit in the sun, as it is water proof!

Products marked with a “*” are cruelty-free!