In the midst of this ongoing heatwave, it is important to think about our skincare regime.

The sun has a drying affect on our skin, so it is important to keep it moisturised, but without causing break outs due to excess oil. If you would like to find out some of the products I’ve found beneficial then read on!


I have tried and tested a range of products essential for this season:


*Caudalie Instant foaming cleanser (£15)- This product is ideal for removing all evidence of make up and sun cream lotion. The formula is smooth and easy to use; simply just rub it in your hands, apply to your face and add water to activate the product. This product is ideal for those who want a fuss-free cleanser; as it will leave your skin hydrated; due to Caudalie’s key ingredient of grape water.

*Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser (£26)- Liz Earle’s hot cloth cleanser is ideal for all skin types, due to the rich creamy consistency; which breaks down even the toughest make up, sun cream and removes daily grime. I love how this product leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean; as adding hot water also opens pores.


*REN Rosa Centifolia, 3 in 1 Cleansing water (£17)- This is a perfect no-fuss product; as it is a make-up remover, cleansing water and toner all in one! It is so gentle that it can be applied onto a cotton pad and used to remove eye make-up; without causing an irritation. I really like how this 3 in 1 cleansing water removes all evidence of the day and minimises my pores also.

*Lush Tea Tree Water (£9.50)- This toner is perfect for throwing in your bag and spritzing throughout the day. It contains tea tree which is known for it’s antibacterial properties; this therefore will reduce blemishes and keep skin clean and clear!


*Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet, (£23)- Caudalie’s Vinosoure Moisturising Sorbetis everything you need in a moisturiser; it is extremely hydrating yet light, so it doesn’t leave your skin feeling too greasy. Caudalie’s key ingredient of grape water makes this product very gentle and soothing on the skin.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich (£16)- This is an intensive moisturiser, ideal for dry skin; due to the key ingredient of Hyaluronic acid- which causes the skin to stay hydrated for up to 48 hours! It will leave your skin feeling extremely hydrated and soothed; which is perfect as the sun is known to have a drying affect.


*Caudalie Soleli Divin anti-ageing face suncream SPF 50 UVA (£20)- I have been using this product religiously since March! I love how thick and soothing it is yet it absorbs quickly; therefore it doesn’t leave greasy evidence. Being a red head with fair skin, I feel it is extremely important to protect my skin; so the fact that this product is SPF 50 ( however they also sell a SPF 30 sun cream) and is UVA protected, ensures my skin is safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Soltan once face advanced 8 hour protection suncare cream (£10)- Soltan once sun creamhas the highest UVA star rating of 5 stars and is SPF 30; therefore this product can prevent ageing and long-term skin damaged caused by the sun. Moreover, this product is ideal for children and those who prefer to swim rather than sit in the sun, as it is water proof!

Products marked with a “*” are cruelty-free!



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